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Any Great Empire Requires Serious Business Sense. We will take you on a new journey to build your wildest dreams.


Running a business can be very difficult and Jessica ultimately has mastered it. She has successfully built up several different businesses to reach well over $100,000 dollars a year. Our team of experts, with her help, have been assisting the needs of business owners in the midwest United States for many years.

Jessica is a serial entrepreneur, with three six-figure business ventures. She owns Empire You LLC, a successful credit repair business; Co-owner of DR Martin Transport & Co; and Owner of multiple Empire Tax firms.


Jessica is College Educated in Business and also is a Certified Business Consultant. With her expertise and team you will become the ultimate expert at your business and properly structure your business to work for you. You will no longer have to fund your dreams but Empire Your Business Credit will help you utilize your business credit to fund everything you need to start, grow, and sustain your businesses.


We provide services that will get you ready to build out a lasting company for generations to come. We will make sure that you are credible, lendable and fundable. This is the time, now, to help you create your long-lasting masterpiece! Not only will we help you structure your company correctly, but also build up your business credit for your business needs.


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We are partnered with lending companies, therefore we will be able to get you the funding that you need.

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